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Summer Essentials

Summer is here! It is the time of the year when the air starts to get humid and sticky. That is when you just want to relax and chill in a cooling environment, and sip a glass of ice-cold cocktail. 

Whatever you want to do, we have some great ideas and amazing equipment to help you through this summer time. These are our summer essentials that will make your life easier and comfortable. 

For cooler and healthier air

1) Stay cool wherever you go with our portable mini air-con fan - In your room, hall, kitchen or even the backyard.

2) Not only does our diffuser help to moisturize the air, it also double up as lovely decor piece

For the kitchen DIY

3) Make your own chilled drink with fruity bits. Just add your favorite fruit into our versatile ice cube maker and enjoy your fruit drink instantly.

4) Craving for watermelon slices? Simply use our fuss-free watermelon slicer and you can have your watermelon cubes in just minutes.

5) Make your cold drink instantly with our automatic stirring mug. 

For the outdoor

6) Effortlessly wash your car or water your plants in the garden. It is so easy with our electric car washer pump.

7) Laze outdoor or in your pool with our inflatable couch.

For the stay-at-home

8) Sing like a king or queen in your home with our bluetooth wireless microphone.

9) Watch an in-house movie with your family and loved ones. Enjoy a cinematic effect with our portable projector.

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