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Automobile Essentials

Driving your family for an outing or weekend getaway? We have 5 automobile essentials that you need for that road trip! These items will help make your trip more enjoyable and hassle-free.

1) Hand-Held Car Vacuum Cleaner

Hate to see biscuit crumbs or leftover food bits lying in your car? Want to keep your car clean and spotless? Here is the hand-held vacuum cleaner for you. This wireless cleaner is portable and can be carried easily anywhere you go. Put it inside your car and you can use it anytime. No need to worry about your kids eating inside the car during the weekend trip. This vacuum cleaner can also be used inside your house!

2) Dual USB Charger Plug

Need to charge your handphone, play your favorite music from a transmitter or run your dashcam but find that you have not enough USB plug to power up your devices? We have the perfect solution for you! Our dual USB socket allows you to plug in 2 USB to power up your devices. No need to worry about a shortage of power points!  

3) Car Air Humidifier

For a longer road trip, it is always good to ensure that the air environment inside your vehicle is clean and hygienic. This healthier air is good especially for kids and the elderly. Here is where our car humidifier does its trick. Portable and easy to carry, this humidifier is made to fit into your car cup holder. Just add water and a touch of essential oil to have that lovely smell in your car! Have a pleasant road trip.

4) Car Alloy Trash Can

Looking to throw your food wrapper but not able to stop your vehicle to find a trash bin? Not to worry, we have the right trash can that you can place inside your car! This trash can is opened by pressing a button on the lid. This lid covers will prevent odor or bacteria from spreading inside the car! It also comes with a trash bag that can be easily changed. You can now spend more time on the road without the need to look for the trash bin to throw away your rubbish.

5) Car Audio MP3 Player

What is a road trip without any music? If you are tired of listening to the radio, this sleek Bluetooth player is the perfect entertainment device you are looking for! Play your favorite music on your phone by connecting via Bluetooth. Or plug in your USB with your playlist. Choose your songs by just a touch of the button. And the cool part is that this player can also accept incoming calls! Doesn't this make your road trip so much wonderful?

Choose any of the items for your weekend trip. Or grab all the 5 items above! These essentials will definitely make your journey more enjoyable with your family!

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